On 28 September 2012, poet Justinas Marcinkevicius’ memorial room was opened and included the following part of the poet’s personal archives and items that had arrived from Vilnius: 2 454 various documents (books, periodical publications, invitations, booklets) in Lithuanian, Russian, English, French, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, German; bookshelves, photos, wooden sculptures and many other smaller or larger relics.
Around 200 guests came to the opening ceremony – the poet’s wife Genovaite Marcinkeviciene, daughters Jurga and Ramune, relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbours, readers, representatives of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, Ministry of Culture, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, State poet’s commemoration commission, Kaunas District Library and National Martynas Mazvydas Library, Prienai District Municipality. Presentations were carried out by the Chancellor of the Seimas Jonas Milerius, chairperson of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences Prof. Aleksandras Vasiliauskas, director of Vrublevskiai library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences Dr. Sigitas Narbutas, writer, student of Prienai “Ziburys” gymnasium and the poet’s friend Vytautas bubnys, the poet’s acquaintance, course fellow Algimantas Baltakis, director general of UAB “Rudupis” Naglis Jarusevicius, “Ziburys” student, the poet’s class elder Grazina Starkauskaite Kavaliauskiene; actors Grazina Urbonaite, Dalia Jankauskaite, Petras Venslovas performed readings of texts.